Download Samsung Odin 3.12.3 and Odin Multi Downloader



Odin is the ROM Flashing Tool for SAMSUNG smartphones. On the bottom of this site you’ll find Odin Phone Compatibility Tables. Use them to check out which Odin version is compatible with your phone.


Download ODIN v3.12.3, v3.10.7, v3.09, v1.85, v1.83 DOWNLOAD MIRROR

ROM files flashable with Odin come with .tar extension. Most of the ROMs you are going to flash with Odin are the official stock Samsung ROMs (or leaked stock ROMs). Custom ROMs are rerely flashable by Odin because they come with .zip extension that Odin does not recognize (it recognizes .tar files).

Custom kernels, however, are sometimes provided in .tar format by their developers (e.g. CF-Root kernels), so that they can be flashed by Odin. When your phone is new and running official firmware you most often cannot flash a custom ROM to it because a Samsung phone often requires a custom recovery and root rights that are included in a custom kernel to be able to flash custom ROMs. That’s why Odin often comes in handy in rooting and flashing a custom firmware to your phone because you (often) can flash a custom kernel with it that already includes root and custom recovery and enables you to flash custom firmware (custom ROMs). I use the word often very frequently in the previous sentence because every Samsung smartphone is different and requires various procedures for rooting it and flashing custom ROMs (see the section about using Odin below).

If it comes to stock ROMs, the best source of stock (official) Samsung ROM files is located at this excellent website: It requires registration (it’s free) and I encourage you to set up an account there because you will most likely use this site several times during your stay at XDA. You will most likely come across 1 .tar or 3 .tar file ROMs there, flashable by Odin. Refer to the Odin flashing guide below for more info.


  1. To use Odin with ANY Samsung phone you first need to properly install latest Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones. You can download the drivers in the MENU in the right corner of your screen. They work for all Samsung smartphones. There is also a full guide on installing the drivers there.

  2. After installing the drivers you have to put your phone into ‘Download Mode’ (just as you did when you had installed the drivers). In order to do so switch off the phone completely (pull out the battery if you can), then power the phone on with Power + Vol UP + Home buttons pressed simultanously and connect it to your PC with USB cable.

  3. In general nowadays Samsung stock firmware ROMs come in one file .tar packages (as opposed to 3 file packages seen a few years ago). To flash such firmware you have to open preferably the latest version of Odin. Odin should signal that it has established the connection with a yellow rectangular sign with ‘COM 1 (or other number) written on it. Next, click the ‘AP’ button (or ‘PDA’ in older versions of Odin), choose the firmware .tar file you’ve downloaded from and hit the ‘Start’ button. Remember NOT to change any other options in Odin as you might damage your phone. Before flash your Odin should look like below:

Here (LINK) is a very good guide witch pictures made by Intratech on how to use Odin with various .tar.


Please bear in mind that these tables might not be 100% accurate. Obviously, I didn’t test all these phones with Odin myself. If your phone works with Odin v1.85 it will most likely work with latest Odin v3 versions - v3.09, v3.07, v3.06 and v3.04.

ODIN v3.xx:

*always use v3.xx version with newer Samsung phones than Galaxy S3.*
*v3.xx versions should also be compatible with all phones that work with v1.85*

Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 & Edge
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy A3
Samsung Galaxy A5
Samsung Galaxy A7
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
Samsung Galaxy Mega
Samsung Galaxy Active
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
Samsung Epic 4G SPH-D700
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190

ODIN v1.85:

Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070  
Samsung Galaxy S 4 I9505 (Snapdragon 600 based version)  
Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300  
Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305  
Samsung Galaxy S II I9100  
Samsung Epic 4G SPH-D700  
Samsung Galaxy S II I9100G  
Samsung Galaxy S II I9100P  
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v P7100  
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360  
Samsung Galaxy Y S5363  
Samsung Galaxy Tab wifi P1010  
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 P7300  
Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 P7500  
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi P7510  
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510  
Samsung Galaxy Note N7000  
Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket SGH-I727  
Samsung Galaxy S II LTE SGH-I727R  
Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777  
Samsung DoubleTime SGH-i857  
Samsung Captivate Glide SGH-i927  
Samsung Galaxy S Glide SGH-i927R  
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE SGH-i957  
Samsung Infuse 4G SGH-I997  
Samsung Dart SGH-T499  
Samsung Gravity Smart SGH-T589  
Samsung Galaxy Q SGH-T589R  
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SGH-T869  
Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G SGH-T959P  
Samsung Hercules SGH-T989  
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500  
SCH-I500 Mesmerize  
SPH-M820 Prevail  
SPH-M910 Intercept  
SCH-R880 Acclaim  
SCH-R910 Indulge  
SGH-I897 Captivate  
SGH-I997 Infuse  
SGH-T589 Gravity  
SGH-T839 Sidekick  
SGH-T959 Vibrant  
SGH-T959v Galaxy S 4G  
SPH-D700 Epic 4G  
SPH-D720 Nexus S 4G  
SPH-M580 Replenish  
SPH-M920 Transform  
SCH-I400 Contunuum  
SCH-I500 Fascinate  
SCH-I510 Droid Charge  
SGH-I917 Focus

ODIN v1.83:

Samsung Galaxy S I9000  
Samsung Galaxy S II I9000  
Samsung Galaxy SL I9003  
Samsung Galaxy Giorgio Armani I9010  
Samsung Google Nexus S I9020  
Samsung Google Nexus S i9020A  
Samsung Google Nexus S i9023  
Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000  
Samsung Galaxy Tab wifi P1010  
Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 

ODIN Multi Downloader v4.44:

Samsung Galaxy W i8150-T679M` 

ODIN Multi Downloader v4.43:

Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001  
Samsung Galaxy W I8150  
Samsung Exhibit II 4G T679 (T-Mobile)  
Samsung Galaxy W T679M (Bell) 

ODIN Multi Downloader v4.42:

Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660  
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570  
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670  
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830  
Samsung Galaxy Xcover S5690  
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510  
Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510  
Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800 

ODIN Multi Downloader v4.34:

Samsung i5500 Europa  
Samsung I5500 Galaxy Europa  
Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510  
Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica  
Samsung I5800 Galaxy Apollo  
Samsung I7500 Galaxy

ODIN Multi Downloader v4.29:

Samsung Galaxy I5510L  

ODIN Multi Downloader v4.28:

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5  
Samsung Galaxy Europa  
Samsung Galaxy 550  
Samsung i5500 Corby  
Samsung I5510  
Samsung Galaxy 551